Saturday, 12 July 2014

......and so my blog was born.

About 6 months ago I started going to Craft Workshops to gain more knowledge and to try new techniques to help me to create wonderful pieces of art. I first went to Janet Pring’s Clarity East Workshop in Great Blakenham with my little Sister Janet. We had a really great day and made 3 different cards and we come away pleased as ouch with our creations. Next I tried Karen Clare’s Clock Workshop and had such a great day. Wow was I chuffed to come away with a beautiful Clock as well as a tag and nearly a completed card. What a great day that was. I met a few Ladies there and from then on my Crafty World has changed dramatically, I think for the better. Two of those Ladies were Eileen Godwin and her friend Karen Buckle. Meeting Eileen is when things changed for me and I plucked up the courage and most of you will think I’m daft and yes you’re probably right but Confidence isn’t one of my strengths but by plucking up the courage and going along to Eileen’s Workshop my Crafty Life has changed so much. I have now gathered up the confidence to go each Month and have now started to go on to other Workshops like the HobbyArt one with Jenny Mayes who is also so welcoming. In two week’s I will be going to the Clarity two day Retreat Workshop which I am so looking forward to……… For years I have crafted on my lap due to lack of space in my tiny little castle we know as home. I have nagged my Husband Steve for years as I needed somewhere to craft and for the last year he has really worked so hard in adapting our cellar into a craft room for me. About 4 weeks ago he finished and so my little bit of Heaven was created. I am now spending time organising my stash that I have been collecting for years and my plans are then to make enough goodies to eventually have a stall at a Craft Fair but first I must learn to walk before I gallop towards my goal. I really want to thank Steve so much as without his help and encouragement and at times his generosity I really would have what I have been yearning to have for so long……… Well that’s enough for now but my intentions over the new few weeks is to try and give you an insight to Marianne’s Creative World and I really hope you will enjoy what I create …….. thanks for stopping by xxx


  1. Congratulations Marianne.. its wonderful to welcome you to Blogland ( and about time too!) Its all great fun. I know you will enjoy yourself. Your work is beautiful with lots of attention to detail.... the colours you choose and the skills involved needed showcasing.. and now they can be.
    Love and very best wishes Eileen .
    PS... Steve, you have been a very good boy! ... Hard work, I know, on that craft room but what a fantastic place now, for Marianne to work. x

  2. Hi Marianne and welcome to the land of blog, congratulations on setting it up, it's fab to see you finally here to showcase your wonderful creations, blooming opens up a whole new world, I wish you every success.
    Now hurry up and get your photos on here I can't wait to see them ;) lol xx Zoe xx

  3. Well done Marianne for moving on to the next stage of your crafting adventure. So looking forward to seeing your creations which so deserve to be shown off! Hope all those sockets have something plugged in - you have a fab craft room!! Barbara xx

  4. Really enjoyed your blog Marianne, and getting to know you better and hopefully sharing in your crafty journey.
    Photos to follow can't wait to see those. xxxx

  5. Very brave Marrianne, well done. I shall sign up and stop by as often as possible. Hope you enjoy blogging x

  6. Hi Marianne,
    I'm thrilled you've started a blog to showcase your wonderful work.
    You're such a talented crafter with lots of skill.
    I look forward to following your creative journey my friend.
    Love n Hugs xXx

  7. Saw the coasters, found the blog.,..am well jealous of you being able to work with Eileen...l so wish l could.....is there a tutorial on your blog for the coasters yet? xx fab work x

    1. Thanks Denise......not yet but will be doing it shortly..... I have been so busy this last week with enquiries from everyone time has been limited and then there's the DT work I have been doing also but it is very close to being on the top of my to do list ........pop over again soon and thanks again for your kind comments I really appreciate every single word xxx