Thursday, 1 December 2016

December Lavinia Challenge - Magical !!!


Well today is the start of a new Creative Challenge for Lavinia Stamps and for December's theme it's "Magical" .....

There is a Voucher for £40.00 that will be given to the winner to spend in the Lavinia Webshop ..... so come on get going and start today in creating what could be the winning entry..... Good Luck to you all !!! .....

If you take a look on Lavinia Stamps Facebook Page you will see the link that will take you through to the Creative Challenge on the Lavinia Stamps Website alternatively you can go direct to the Website and download your entry there .....

Oh Boy ..... did I have a great time creating the latest Lavinia Stamps Creative Challenge Samples ..... Here are my Fairy Jars and to be honest I used so many of the different Lavinia Stamps I can't even remember what I did use ..... I am sure that it you picked any of the beautifully designed Stamps and included them on your Jars they would look equally as good ..... Tracey Dutton who designs them herself has designed some awesome stamps ..... If you need to use exactly the same or a specific stamp and you cannot find it please let me know and I will be happy to tell you there names .....

Well here they are my 3 Fairy Jars and I just adore them and they look especially beautiful in the dark with the twinkling battery operated candles glowing ..... They would also make beautiful nightlights for the children to sit and watch as they drift off to sleep ..... ZZzzzzzzzz .....

I do hope you like them as I adored creating these ..... I have added so many photo's in various stages of darkness so you can see what they are like in normal light .....

Anyway that's it for now as I am trying desperately to do my Christmas Cards ..... So till the next time I hope you all have a peaceful month and try not to stress too much with all the Christmas preparations ......

Take care and love to you all


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous Marianne.

  2. How did you make them x they are gorgeous

    1. Hi Alison ..... just in case you were wondering how I made the Fairy Jars ..... here's how I did them. .... Believe me they were not too difficult ..... just the fussy cutting was time consuming .....
      1. Painted a watered down solution of PVA Glue on the jar and then covered it with a white tissue paper smoothing it out but leaving a few wrinkles on it for effect
      2. Then I painted the tissue paper with the glue and covered with a crystal glitter and left to dry .....
      3. I stamped in a white ink on black paper and then cut out the stamped images and then with a strong PVA glue stuck them to the outside of the jar as I wanted a dramatic effect ..... for a softer effect please sick the cut out images inside the jar
      Voila all done and I hope you enjoy creating the jars ..... I know I did ..... Have

  3. They are gorgeous, but how did you make them, Marianne?

  4. These look amazing Marianne, what a fab design idea, you're so creative xxx