Friday, 3 April 2015

Oliver's 18th Birthday .....

Afternoon All

I really hope you are enjoying your Good Friday which is the start of you Easter break.....

Unfortunately I have gone down with a Flu like virus that we all caught at the Oyster Stamps Retreat weekend last week and but except for getting this I had a wonderful time.....

I was asked a few weeks ago if I could make a card for Oliver's 18th Birthday card as I had made a sample card a few weeks before and the Lady who commissioned me to make this commented that it looked like her Son when he was younger..... and could I make it with a T-Shirt that he had back in his younger days..... So off I went with the challenge and came up with this card and a lot of you will remember it from my previous one.

TA Oliver's Mum was so chuffed with the card she had it framed and presented it to Oliver on his Birthday and he said he will take it with him when he goes off to University and put it on his wall !!!

What a compliment and I am so pleased you like it Oliver..... I hope you had a Wonderful 18th Birthday.....

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  1. Wonderful card, love those bubbles
    Have a Happy Easter
    visiting from California