Saturday, 1 July 2017

New Lavinia Creative Challenge for July - "Create a Landscape"

Hiya .....

Wow .... That's another couple of weeks that have just flown by ..... I'm sure their right in what they say "The older you get the quicker the time flies past" and boy does it !!! .....

Well yes you've guessed it ..... it's that time again for the start of a brand new Lavinia Stamps Creative Challenge and for July the theme is "Create a Landscape" ..... A voucher for £40.00 will go to the winning entry to spend in the Lavinia Stamps Webshop ..... Lavinia Stamps

Here's the link to the Creative Challenge so you can unpload your entry here ..... Creative Challenge

I must admit it took me a while to conjure up and create a picture in my mind of what I was going to do and finally I came up with the ideas of a Bluebell Landscape and a Poppy Field Landscape ..... I was quite pleased with how they turned out and I thought for a change too a "Triptych" Card was called for which was extra work but I really enjoyed doing them .....

Here's my first Card "Bluebell Landscape" and the stamps I used are listed below .....

Fox 1 - Kernal
Fox 2 - Peri
Spring Trees
Three Field Mice
Zen Leaves
Hop, Skip and Jump
Small Stones

And here's my second Card "Bluebell Landscape" and the stamps I used are listed below .....

Group Poppies
large Poppies
Wild Poppies
Poppy Pods
Small Stones
Field Grass
Flowers Miniature
Pheasants and Fence

I know I used a variety of stamps but I felt it was a must for the impact ..... but if these inspire you to create something like them then of course you can use some of the other stamps you may have .....

Oh well that's it for now but remember I will be back Mid Month with a little reminder and with another Card that luckily I have already created, lol ..... I'm off to start on the next Challenge and yep you have to wait till next time to find out what the Theme will be .....

Take care and remember keep crafting .....
Loads of love
Marianne xxx


  1. Amazing cards Marianne, so inspiring, I'm finally ready to start creating again xxx

  2. 2 gorgeous cards Marianne but the second one is my favorite
    Gr Karin